BK7IB Transport Base

Inline and offline transport bases are designed to achieve maximum efficiency and highest print quality for every mail and print application.

The BK7IB is Buskros premium inline base. Buskros 7IB has been engineered with recessed belts, high capacity vacuum pumps and chambers, optimized encoder mounting and a state of the art electronic drive system. These features coupled with its isolated tabletop, produce incredibly accurate registration for the highest level of print quality.

This quiet, robust base ensures years of reliable trouble free operation with very little maintenance required. The 7IB can be interfaced with most Buskro accessories including tabbers, dryer extension tables, friction feeders, ramp up tables, conveyors and is compatible with all print technologies.


* Inline transport base designed to transport your products precisely, delivering the highest

print quality

* Optional left or right product travel, rugged, heavy-duty construction

* 3 x 2 vacuum belts (guided)

* Upstream/Downstream electrical interlocks for 3rd party equipment

* Maximum product width 22 (559mm)