Precision Finishing

Systems can be configured for tipping and affixing applications for cards, sample packs, keys, and other products. Easily configured with plow folding, gluing, labeling, and other applications. Inkjet from the top or bottom or both with our unique mounting system. The mounts offer duplex or simplex printing with most brands of inkjet equipment. With a variety of options available for your 10X transport lines can be configured for most finishing applications, plow folding, page opening, gluing, in line folding and more can be added quickly with our easy add options kits. 10X conveyors can be used as stand-alone units or integrated together to achieve longer transport lengths. Our unique locking mechanisms along with speed following and controls package allow for lengths up to 30ft long for additional finishing area. Mix and match 10ft and 5ft long full width and ribbon belt units to build the transport you need. Easy setup, high speeds, and accuracy are what you get with every 10X Vacuum Transport.

10X Vacuum Transport Models: 10X 520- 5ft x 20” wide 10X 1020- 10ft x 20” wide 10X 530- 5ft x 30” wide 10X 1030- 10ft x 30” wide

Standard Specifications AC Inverter-driven electronic variable speed – up to 600fpm Color – Hammertone Industrial Blue Length – 5ft or 10ft or combination of lengths Width – 20″ and 30″ Working height – 31″, +6″ Mobile base with leveling pads CE compliant


PFS10X Tipping and Plow Folding Line

The PFS 10X Tipping and Plow Folding Line is a high speed accurate system for the placement of cards and other devices to a carrier feeder. The heart of the system is the PFS 10X Vacuum Base. The 10X is a heavy duty industrial vacuum base with a variety of unique features including adjustable vacuum tubes, Vortex vacuum system, mobile adjustable height base and more. the 10X is available in a 5 and 10 ft lengths and widths of 20 and 30″. Placement or tipping feeders are mounted on an adjustable easy to access mount allowing you to move feeder along the mounting rails up and down the length of the base. A hotmelt glue system is used for attaching of the device ( card or other) to the carrier. Plow folding and gluing shut is completed at the end of the line. Right and (or) left plows are easily mounted to the length of the conveyor. Tipping and plow folding of products at speeds in the mid teens or faster are easily achieved. For applications requiring more space the 10X vacuum conveyor can be married to additional machines with our

unique locking mechanism to provide as much length as required for your application. Options for vacuum opening, tipper plates, key placement, vision systems, inkjet and more are available on request.

Open, Tip and Plow on PFS 10X1030 Vacuum Base

This application required opening of the front cover of web produced product for inside card tip. Our vacuum opening station was used to open front flap, once open precision placement of paper card was performed and then final fold and glue shut. Systems can be configured with multiple plows, vision systems for verification or read and print. Tipping of multiple products can be performed. Speeds of 20K PPH and accuracies of +/- 1/64th can be achieved depending on feeder used for applications.

Vacuum Transport w/ High Speed Card Affixing

Our industrial strength 10X Line of Vacuum Transports are designed for a variety of paper transport applications including card affixing, inkjet, plow fold, inspection and more. Units are available in widths of 20 to 30″ wide and 5 and 10ft legnths. Systems can be configured inline with mulitple bases and differnt styles of carrier feeders. Friction, pile continuous of existing feeders can be used. Units are built heavy duty for use in the most challegning production environments and have a unique vaccum system designed to consisitently deliver products thru the application area.

Continuous feed Dual tip and Z Fold (video 1)

Customer was producing insurance card mailers on old Gaverhen attacher. Came to us looking for increased throughput and machine flexibility. With our 10X vacuum bases as the foundation we produced a line that outpaces their old line dramatically. We use a PFS continuous feeder for base carrier with a 10ft 10X 1020 vacuum base and a 5ft 10X 520 vacuum base configured with two tipping units, hot melt glue, dual plows for final z fold and a divert gate to divert bad product without stoppage on the line. Systems can be configured in a variety of ways with various options including vacuum opening stations, vision systems for match or verification, ink jet systems and more. Visit out site or call Mark at 262-945-5963

Continuous feed Dual tip and Z Fold (video 2)

Folded Brochure w/Loose PI ( Pharma Insert)

PFS 10X Vacuum Conveyor setup to produce folded brochure with a loose PI ( Pharma Insert). Loose PI is applied then panel is folded around the product to produce pocket. panel is then folded over to produce 4 panel folded and glued brochure with loose PI inside.

High Speed Gift Card Line

PFS 10X Plow Fold devices can be configured for folding of lite or heavy weight stocks. From 20# paper to heavier board stocks oblong or odd shapes our plow fold devices can plow your toughest projects. Half fold, Z Fold , C folded products can all be configured. Plow fold devices can be used with your existing 10X Vacuum Transport or in some cases be used on existing equipment. Pair your plow folds with our 10X TP500 back fold plate for producing wallets or pockets in line.