Mailtech Tesla-Jet HP Si Series

The TESLA-JET HP SI Series offers the convenience and versatility you’ve come to expect from thermal inkjet, at an attractive price able to use the new Si solvent cartridges…
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Mailtech Tesla-Jet ET Series

Tesla-Jet ET (Extended Throw) up to .5” with solvent ink available used on Non-flat surfaces, mixed substrate thicknesses, and raised edges have always presented a problem…until now…
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Mailtech Tesla-Jet PCC Series

Tesla-Jet PCC is the first tri-color industrial prints variable color logos and images at 1200 dpi…
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Mailtech Tesla-Jet Kyocera Series

Tesla-Jet Kyocera High Speed, High Resolution Digital Imaging System can use UV cure or Water base inks, jet designed to print barcodes, graphics, and variable data in a single pass…
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Mailtech Tesla-Jet Funai Series

60% faster speed than HP, higher resolution, cartridge based and up to 3x longer throw distance, prints on almost any substrate includes solvent inks…
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Cut Sheet Printing

Apollo HP System

Stop Starting Over! This combination of BK705 Controller and Apollo…
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The Quantum features an all-encompassing print system that fully integrates the electronics, ink…
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Variable Web Printing

DPi Hawk M6k Web Printing System

Finally a UV inkjet system that fits perfectly on your Press, Rewinder or Cutsheet vacuum Transport & can…
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Corrugated Box Printing

GENESYS Corrugated Box Printing

Corrugated Printing Solutions
Who we are:
In business since 1986 Digital Print…
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Tabletop Inkjet Printers


The AS-450 is an entry-level monochrome printer designed to print text and barcodes on…
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The AS-650 is a mid-level monochrome printer designed to print text and barcodes on…
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The AS-850 is a high-volume in-line monochrome printer designed to print text and barcodes on…
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The AS-150 is a small media monochrome printer designed to print text and barcodes on small…
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We have added duplex ability to the Mach 5! It’s the same exceptional technology from Memjet, but…
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Levaraging Memjet inkjet technology, the MACH 6 Digital Color Printer is able to print on applications…
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Mach 8 Rena

Take your document production to the next level. Introducing the…
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XPS Professional Mailer Series

Introducing the new inkjet console system from RENA Systems. We completely revamped our…
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XPS-Promail 3.0 & 4.0

Modular Add-on Inkjet System
Key Features
– Universal Mounting Capability
– 34,000 Per Hour
– Unique Contact Roller Control…
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XPS-ProFeed Shuttle

Professional Grade Vacuum Shuttle Feeder
Key Features
– 30,000 Piece/hr Throughput
– Unique Roller + Shuttle Design.…
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